PHP Development Services

PHP is one of leading programming languages in the world which is the preferred by small as well as big enterprises for web development projects. This language is appreciated due to its many advantages like excellent performance, open source (free of cost), platform independent web app development, and a large community for help & support. With years of experience, we provides robust and industry-focused solutions using PHP language. Backed by proficient PHP developers, thinkers and technology aficionados, our PHP development company provides optimum PHP solutions to meet your strategic goals at a fast pace, with competitive pricing.

PHP Development Frameworks

Being a leading PHP development company in India, we follow advanced frameworks and use the most sophisticated tools to provide you top-class PHP development services.

Laravel Development

Get advance level php-laravel development services from initial planning to final delivery and maintenance we cover everything for you. We provide PHP development services on different industry verticals at affordable prices and within the stipulated time frame.

CodeIgniter Development

Providing features packed, secure and scalable CodeIgniter based websites; from initial planning to final delivery and maintenance we cover everything for you. We provide PHP CodeIgniter development services for different industry verticals catering to your variegated business needs.

Symfony Development

Get Symfony development services from initial planning to final delivery and maintenance we cover everything for you. We provide Symfony development services for different industry verticals catering to your variegated business needs.

CakePHP Development

Offering feature rich, secure and scalable CakePHP framework based PHP web applications; from initial planning to final delivery and maintenance we cover everything for you. We provide CakePHP development services for different industry verticals catering to your variegated business needs.

Our PHP Development Process

As a leading PHP development company, we follow agile PHP development process to ensure timely delivery of project as per precise requirement of client.

Step 1 - Request Quote

In this step, we gather all of the specifications and details for your PHP web app development project to help determine the scope of your project. This process is started with our online free evaluation or request quote form. Our experts like to know as much as possible about your industry verticals. If you have a Request for Proposal, great, but it is not always required.

Step 2 - Project Evaluation

Our php developers can set up face-to-face meetings and skype or phone calls to make sure we have all of the details of the project. Our experts try to answer all of your deepest and darkest web-related questions. At this point, we’ll have all the data and information we need to start assembling our recommendations and budget of the project.

Step 3 - Formal Proposal & Agreement

Our PHP web app development team head will draft a formal proposal for you to review. We outline our website development process for your specific project, and we include every single development detail of what your website will include. Most of the time, our experts can give you a hard quote based on the time we think the project will take. We stick by our quotes on the entire duration of project, after all, we're the experts. However, if anything unforeseen comes up during the project (that was not included in the initial scope), we will discuss the way budget & timeframe will change. We want you know precisely what you’re paying for, how much time it will take, and how much it will cost.

Step 4 - Planning, Design Research & Discovery

Depending on your project, this step is quite crucial. Precisely understanding your competitors, target audience, and goals is an crucial starting point for any successful PHP design and development project. During this phase, our PHP designers and developers work out a proper site map and flow, organize content, create mood boards, and gather all the appropriate assets.

Step 5 - Information Architecture & Wireframing

Before we starting PHP website designing and development, our experts create wireframes that outline the general components and layouts that the final designs should include. This can be a combination of whiteboard diagrams, sketches, and/or wireframe prototypes. This process ensure that all of the crucial information and expected elements are in proper place, and gives us a precise guide on how the website pages should be laid out & flow.

Step 6 - Design & Development Phase

Our website designer will design the graphics of your website, while keeping your industry verticals, target audience and preferences in mind. Once the design concept is selected and approved by you, we’ll start on the development and production of the website. Most of the PHP web apps we build are dynamic in some way, which require custom PHP programming for functionality.

Step 7 - Final Review, QA Testing & Launching

When all dynamic programming is completed by our php development team, we will review and test the entire PHP web app with you. We'll do a thorough a stringent testing by our experts to ensure smooth working of your PHP web app. When everything has been tested and approved, we launch the new website.

Our Engagement Model

Our PHP website development company in India follows flexible engagement models to ensure that we meet your specific project requirements as per your needs. Here are two main engagement models we follow for the project:

Dedicated Resource Model

In this engagement model, you get dedicated infrastructure as well as skilled professionals who work solely on your website development project. Here are some of the features of this model:

No hidden costs.
Monthly billing.
Pay only for measurable work done
No setup fees.

Fixed Time & Fixed Price

This is a low-risk model in which we work with our clients to define expected timelines and deliverables in order to determine a mutually agreed fixed price for the project. Here are features:

Know what you’re getting.
No hidden costs.
Milestones based billing.
Fixed Timeline.

Time and Material

In this model, you pay an hourly rate which is agreed on prior to contract signing. You can revise the team size and project duration to optimize the cost and reduce waste.

Choose this model if you need technical upgradation and maintenance of the website.

Build-Operate-Transfer(BOT) Model

We take full responsibility of your build operation, revitalize the performance of team and at the same time solve issues around attrition, economies of scale, etc.

Choose this model if you want faster time-to-market with lower operational costs and rapid scaling of operations and flexibility.

Why Choose Us?

Since our establishment, we have become a preferred choice of our patrons all over the globe. We are acknowledged for our following attributes:

  • Project is backed by 100% money back guarantee.
  • Strict non disclosure agreement for project.
  • Complete digital marketing solutions under one roof.
  • Fully customized digital marketing strategy.
  • Lead based digital marketing strategy.
  • Trust of a brand that has been delivering success since 2012.
  • Agile digital marketing methodology.
  • 90% + W3C Validated Code.
  • Track progress via easy communication.

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